New Blog

To accompany this and my many other blogs I’ve created a new one recently.

I’ve created primarily as a resource to showcase my reviews from various sites around the web. Most of the reviews I’ve been posting are from You can see my TripAdvisor profile here to read my reviews and visit to stay up to date with my latest ones.

In addition to my TripAdvisor reviews I have been broadening my efforts to gain exposure by offering myself up for interviews on varying subjects. This past week I’ve been interviewed by a journalist from on the conditions in Puerto Rico and their effect on the economy. You can read that article through their website or on the new Dean Myerow blog.


Goldendoodle News and More!

I’ve been trying my best to continue a blog I started last month called “Find a Goldendoodle“. What I want most is to turn it into a one-stop resource for all things goldendoodles. A goldendoodle, of course, is a breed of dog which is a mix between a golden retriever and a poodle. I’m especially motivated to include information on reputable breeders and with a lot of work I hope to have the largest breeder directory in the U.S. strictly dedicated to goldendoodles.

I’ve been able to come across some great stories in the news lately to feature on the blog, too, but it would be a lot easier if I had a little help from others.

If you have any stories or links to goldendoodle resources please comment them here. Your contributions will be credited and would be greatly appreciated.